Let's plan

After moving to Germany as an expat and finding a place to live, an exciting new phase begins.

But once settled, a uncomfortable feeling arises as soon as you realize that you are in a bare house. Your missing “something”, but can’t seem to figure out what it is. No matter how hard you try and how many plants and photo frames you add.

Whether you stay short or long, you can and should turn any house a home. Perhaps this is even more important for expats, because you have already left so many people, belongings and familiar places behind because of your move.

How can you turn your expat home into feeling more homely and less like a temporary residence?

Beyond Borders Design

Signature look

The style of Beyond Borders Design is out of the box: bold, stylish and colourful. Every project is a combination of creativity and subtle use of design elements such as space, light, proportion, balance, colour, textures, function, eye for detail and comfort.

You can immediately recognize a typical Beyond Borders Design, but of course I am able to maintain other styles. It is refreshing and challenging to always come up with a new custom design. Previous projects range from basic, minimalist, classical, playful, industrial and vintage or a mix of multiple styles. During our collaboration we determine which style of living suits you best and take that as a starting point.

Interior design method

Step 1. Intake

We start with a design consultation to discuss your taste, needs and design ideas. We then investigate the project by taking measurements and photos to use as we proceed. While preparing for the design phase we will define the budget.

Step 2. Design

In the design phase we start from scratch with your property and ideas and create a mood board. Based upon your wishes and interior style combined with my vision and experience, I come up with a proposal in the right atmosphere, suitable materials and a carefully composed colour palette. After your approval, I further develop this concept into a 3D design, including a floor plan with the layout of the room, lighting plan, colour proposals for all walls and ceilings, plus a furniture plan and product list with the chosen furniture and accessories.

Step 3. Presentation

During the presentation of the interior plan I will show you the 3D interior plan, floor plans and the light plan. I will explain more about the background of the choices being made. In addition, you will receive a list with all chosen furniture, lighting, accessories and I will provide the details on where to purchase the items. After the presentation you can immediately start with the implementation of this personal interior plan.

Interior advice including:

  • Design consultation
  • Mood board
  • Proposal on which colour and materials to use
  • Proposal for choosing furniture and decoration of the room
  • Shopping list with all selected furniture and accessories
  • Layout in 3D design
  • Light plan
  • Presentation

Investment: 995 euros excluding VAT


Frequently Asked Questions:

Absolutely yes! In addition to a plan with a completely new interior, it is also possible to use existing furniture that has been moved along. I can make a design for you based on existing furniture, but a mix of a number of existing and new furniture or completely new furniture is also possible. I make sure that everything complements each other and that cupboard, table or chair with an emotional value is in the spotlight that it deserves.
The question in this case is mainly: what’s it worth to you to invest in creating a nice and cozy home in Germany? What are the benefits of feeling good and comfortable in your new home? I know from my own experience that having your own place where you feel safe can help enormously in getting used to your new environment. You feel more comfortable in an interior that completely suits you. It helps you in transitioning to build a new life and could even reduce the chance of feeling homesick.