Find & Design

Has it ever crossed your mind to get an interior designer on board while looking for the perfect expat property in Germany? This can be a valuable addition during the purchase or rental process, which can save a lot of time, energy and money.

A broker helps you find a property that meets your requirements. He takes into account important issues like your budget, facilities in the neighbourhood and the desired type of property. But finding the right living space is so much more than just thinking about the style, size and cost.

In addition to the big picture, it is all about the details … Details that you don’t think of yourself, until you try to fit your king size bed in the master bedroom and this totally doesn’t match the picture you’ve had in mind. Apart from the frustration of having to adjust this type of detail after papers are signed, correcting these types of mistakes can be very expensive.

As an interior designer I can play an advisory role during your house hunt and I can foresee these kinds of errors. I think along with you about whether your current furniture and living style match a potential home and better yet show how you make the home completely your own. With a house that provides a solid foundation to start with, you have endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect personalised interior design. And no expensive solutions are needed to make everything right afterwards.

House hunting & interior design process

Step 1. Intake

We start with a design consultation to discuss your taste and design ideas. What do you find important when it comes to finding a new home? What is the amount of space required? Are there special living requirements to take into account, such as taking certain furniture or a layout that you like from your current home? We also discuss the available budget to customise the new house to your wishes.

Step 2. House Hunting

As a consultant, I will accompany you while viewing one or more homes. I look beyond aesthetics and help think about the functionality and foundation of a home. With my eye for detail and spatial insight, I can properly assess whether the requirements and wishes that you have in a certain home can come into their own.

Step 3. Design

In the design phase I start creating a mood board based on your wishes. Based upon your wishes and interior style combined with my vision and experience, I come up with a proposal in the right atmosphere, suitable materials and a carefully selected colour palette. After your approval, I further develop this concept into a 3D design, including a floor plan with the layout of the room, lighting plan, colour proposals for all walls and ceilings, including a furniture plan and product list with the chosen furniture and accessories.

Step 4. Presentation

During the presentation of the interior plan I show the 3D interior plan, floor plans and the light plan. You will also receive an overview of the chosen furniture, lighting and accessories. It also indicates per product where you can purchase the items. After the presentation you can immediately start with the implementation of your personal interior plan.

House hunting & interior advice:

  • Design consultation + making a list of housing requirements
  • Accompany you while house hunting (advisory role)
  • Mood board
  • Proposal on which colour and materials to use
  • Proposal for choosing furniture and decoration of the room
  • Shopping list with all selected furniture and accessories
  • Layout in 3D design
  • Light plan
  • Presentation

Investment: 1495 euros excluding VAT