Create & Move

The Design, Create and Move package is a full-service approach for expats who want to be fully relieved in their international relocation. So that you can fully focus your time and attention on the new environment, finding a school for the children and arranging all sorts of practical regulatory matters such as taking out insurance.

This complete package includes everything from a personalised interior design to the final execution of the interior design project. The intake process sets the tone for the design. We work together to investigate your individual style and lifestyle to create a customized design for beautiful and functional spaces, including new ideas that go beyond what you could have imagined. It’s not just about a beautiful space, it’s how you live in it. By the end of the intake phase I have a clear picture of your living style, and I know what it takes to personalize the design process with the best end result in mind. In this phase a full budget and a timeline has been established.

During the design phase I translate the findings of the intake process within budget to a complete design. This process leads to a complete design presentation, complete with examples of colours, fabrics and materials to view and feel. In this way you discover how my vision is starting to take shape.

After approval of the design, your dream interior becomes reality. This phase includes the execution of the design, including coordinating renovation work, upholstery of walls and floors, wallpaper and paint work, lighting, the purchase of all furniture and accessories, installation on location and the final design of the room.

Step 1. Design consultation

We start with an extensive intake to discuss your taste and design ideas. What do you find important when it comes to a new home? What is the amount of space required? Are there special living requirements to take into account, such as taking certain furniture or a layout that you like in your current home? We also discuss the available budget to customize the new house to your wishes.

Step 2. Finding the perfect expat house

As a consultant, I will accompany you while viewing one or more homes. I look beyond aesthetics and help think about the functionality and foundation of a home. With my eye for detail and spatial insight, I can properly assess whether the requirements and wishes that you have in a certain home can come into their own.

Step 3. Design development

In the design phase I start creating a mood board based on your wishes. Based upon your wishes and interior style combined with my vision and experience, I come up with a proposal in the right atmosphere, suitable materials and a carefully composed colour palette. After your approval on this mood board, I further develop this concept into a 3D design, including a floor plan with the layout of the room, lighting plan, colour proposals for all walls and ceilings, plus a furniture plan and product list with the chosen furniture and accessories.


Step 4. Presentation

During the presentation of the interior plan I show the 3D interior plan, floor plans and the light plan. You will also receive an overview of the chosen furniture, lighting and accessories. I also tell more about the background of the choices made.

Step 5. Execution interior design

After approval of the presented design, I take care of the actual implementation of the interior design. I work together with a wide range of reliable partners, ranging from painters to contractors and from furniture suppliers to decoration stores. This gives you one point of contact during the entire process. After completion of the design, the house will be delivered ready for use.

House hunting, Interior Advice & Completion:

  • Design consultation + drawing up a list of housing requirements
  • Accompany you while house hunting (advisory role)
  • Mood board
  • Proposal on which colour and materials to use
  • Proposal for choosing furniture and decoration of the room
  • Shopping list with all selected furniture and accessories
  • Layout in 3D design
  • Light plan
  • Presentation
  • Furnishing of partial / complete home
  • Coordination implementation interior design
  • The turnkey delivery of your custom designed home

Investment: 2495 euros excluding VAT