About me

Are you moving to Germany as an expat and struggling on where to start to turn your new house into a home?

In 2018, because of my husband’s work, my family and I emigrated as expats from the Netherlands to Mannheim, Germany. From my own personal experience I know what it means to leave your home and family behind in order to build a new life in a foreign country.

In the Netherlands I worked as an interior designer and have had my own interior design consultancy for ten years. I love creating interiors where people feel safe and at home. There is nothing more satisfying to inspire people to get started with their home.

“Designing a home away from home”


That is how I came up with the idea of ​​combining my experience and skills as an interior architect and expat.

The style of Beyond Borders Design is out of the box with high-quality materials, strong colours and big gestures. My strength is that I carefully listen to your housing and interior wishes and know how to translate this into a suitable interior design. A plan in which your taste is the starting point and the big picture is perfectly balanced, so that your home feels personal and comfortable and fits like a jacket.

In my spare time I get inspired by visiting new cities and discovering architectural details. I love photography and regularly go out into nature for a nice walk in the woods with our dogs, to have a delicious cup of coffee afterwards. I also enjoy focussing on my German language course, making it possible for me to clearly translate your wishes and ideas into German contractors and suppliers.

Furnishing and decorating a home is something very personal. Are you wondering what I can do for you? For questions or more information on getting a custom interior design please contact me. I am more than happy to assist you on deciding which service suits best.